Symica Free Edition

 Tools and features  Free 
 Symica DE
 Import SKILL format  +
 Export SKILL format  -
 Symbol Wizard  -
 Number of elements (less than)  300
 Multithreading  -
 Mixed-signal interface  -
 Fast-SPICE simulator  -
 Verilog-A model parameters (less than)   10
 Netlist .measure statements  -
 Input formats  APB

The Symica Free Edition (Symica FE) provides the same functionality as the full version, without support for mixed-signal features, and with limit on the maximum number of devices, threads and Verilog-A model parameters. It is offered as a one-click download with no registration required.

Symica FE is intended for personal non-profit / non-commercial use for research or educational purposes. Universities or other educational organizations are expected to utilize the Academic license.

Symica FE can also serve as a starting point for users interested in exploring the basic features of Symica before making a 30-day trial or purchasing the Symica.

Suggestions and feedbacks are welcome, please leave your feedback here.

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Symica FE for Linux

Symcia FE for Windows

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