Symica Packages Price List

Symica packages

Tools and features Free Academic Basic AMS Full
SymicaDE [integrated design environment]
Import SKILL
Export SKILL
Symbol Wizard
SymSpice ["golden" level SPICE simulator]
Number of elements (less than) 300 10 000 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Mixed-Signal interface
Verilog-A model parameters (less than) 10 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Netlist .measure statements
Multithreaded transient analysis
Multithreaded statistical and parametric analysis
SymProbe [waveform viewer and result analyzer]
Input formats APB only all all all all

Price list

License type Free Academic Basic AMS Full
Time-based [Maintenance included]
Node locked $490/year $3400/year $4600/year $21500/year
Floating $650/year $4300/year $6500/year $27500/year
Perpetual [Perpetual license includes maintenance for 1-st year. For the every next year maintenance cost is 50% of package price]
Node locked $6500 $9400 $42500
Floating $8450 $13000 $55900
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